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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Kpop Merchandise - Calendar, Notebook, Notepad, Keychain and Wallet!

We're having this kpop items pre-order! Do order from us by mid-feb! Stocks also going oos, such as snsd calendar! So do hurry out if you don't wanna miss out on anything. :D Spend $60 and above on these and get a free i-phone casing for free(worth $6.50).

 Click below for:

JYJ Calendar $20
Girls' Generation NotePad - $17.50
Tohoshinki Notepad - $17.50
Kara Notepad - $17.50
Super junior Ball Pen $15
Jay Bum Ball Pen $15

All ring notebook for $20
2PM Notebk
Beast Notebk
Super junior Notebk
Big Bang Notebk
Shinee Notebk
SS501 Notebk
Tohoshinki Notebk

Wallets for $48
Tohoshini wallet (cover have their signatures)
Girls' Generation
Calendars for $20
Tohoshinki Calendar
Bae Yong Jun Calendar
Girls' Generation Calendar

Click here for:
--Tohoshini Signed Clear File, Oh! Girls' Generation File with signatures, Wonder Girls' File, Kara File(NEW!!!)
--SS501 Pillow, Super Junior; 2NE1, SS501, C.N. Blue, Shinee, Kara, 4minute, SNSD Key-chain --SS501, Big bang, Kara, Tohoshinki, Super Junior Mirror Cum phone screen cleaner --2PM, B2ST, SNSD, Kara, SS501 Phone Keychain!